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Now based in Berlin, I have spent several years cultivating my art style all over the globe from Australia, Austria, Canada, Thailand to most of south-east Asia and the UK.

I’ve painted, drawn, sketched and tattooed every style you could think of – portraits, grafitty, old school, new school, black and grey, full colour, Japanese and so much more.

My own style leans towards injecting life and colour into the every day, adding a unique flair to the traditional.

When it comes to all of us freaks and strangers, I like to make sure I get to know you on a personal bases beforehand.

Having a chat over a coffee or tea to get to know you a little better helps me to understand what it is you like but also gives me time to show you what I do and how I work.


I don't like anyone to leave wearing a copy of someone else’s work. This is why I let everyone know that I don't just do ‘anything’ and I have turned down ideas only because I don’t want to be churning out 1000’s of replicas. You are unique, and the art you choose should be too!

My aim is to make your experience a positive and memorable one with a different and inspiring style.


Bring in your ideas and I will work with you to make sure you receive a unique and beautiful piece of art that you’ll be proud to wear or hang up your wall for the rest of your life.

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